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Dragon en bois – petit

Sold by: Nagadeco 1,900.00

Candle holder spirale made from lime stone.

Sold by: Nagadeco 140.00

Space Washbasin

Sold by: Kosi/Xpanda 2,900.00

Pot bottle design from terracota with masaic turquish

Sold by: Nagadeco 3,500.00

Tulip Lamp

Sold by: Nagadeco 700.00

Boîte à mouchoirs en Bois de Suar – Premier choix

Sold by: Nagadeco 1,200.00

BQT 013

Sold by: Masca fleurs 900.00

LB 002

Sold by: Masca fleurs 1,200.00

WE 002

Sold by: Masca fleurs


Sold by: Masca fleurs 900.00


Sold by: Masca fleurs


Sold by: Masca fleurs

San Remo W.C Complete Set (Normal Close)

Sold by: Kosi/Xpanda 7,100.00

Cassara Bidet

Sold by: Kosi/Xpanda 1,850.00

CASSARA WB Ref G385501

Sold by: Kosi/Xpanda 3,200.00

Daytek Fold Down Singles

Sold by: Kinwood 4,428.00

Mosaic platter from terracota

Sold by: Nagadeco 3,000.00

Petit Eléphant en Bois de Suar

Sold by: Nagadeco 980.00

Smart Living Flameless Candle

Sold by: Kosi/Xpanda 600.001,800.00

Lampe Trio

Sold by: Nagadeco 1,000.00

Lampe Ying and Yang élaborée

Sold by: Nagadeco 1,800.00

Oil burner from limestone.

Sold by: Nagadeco 250.00

CP 002

Sold by: Masca fleurs 500.00

BQT 015

Sold by: Masca fleurs 600.00